My smashing improved

Hi, in this brief post I will show you the improvements I have made on “Smashing the stack in 2010”. First of all I have improved the bibliography in order to help the readers to learn and delve into as well as to give the credits to others researchers for their works. Then I have […]

I’m alive… News

Hi readers, in this period i’m busy and thus no post in the last weeks, months. As soon as possible I will release a nice paper called “Smashing the stack in 2010”, born as project for the Computer Systems Security exam, it is just an introduction on stack based buffer overflows and their exploitation. It […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! I have created this space to post my daily researches, notes, thoughts. Nowadays no more cool groups, no more shared knowledge, only selfishness and as a consequence the underground is dead. This blog will focus on security stuff in particular on Malwares and low level networking. I’m attempting to do my […]